Noctornal Fear 


I’ve had bad dreams since I was a kid, I even labelled some nightmares. I’ve dreamt of bears chasing me, my teeth falling out, not having the ability to scream when it was needed most.   

Last night was a first for me. I had a bad nightmare. It still haunts me 12+ hrs later. It was the kind of nightmare that triggered a panic attack. I was very scared to fall back asleep hours later. I am physically drained and weak. My nightmare included my loved ones and I think that’s what upset me the most.   

I’ve googled everything I can on nightmares and noctornal panic attacks. Its provided minimal relief. My mom, her advice is to rest and let myself heal and know it wasnt real. I love my mom; she is better than any googled answer.   
I am still crying over this nightmare. It scared the life right out of me. I know that very soon I have to distract myself and stop giving it power. This cannot “own” me.   


Cosmic Kitchen

The term “cosmic kitchen” is a term my friend coined and I am now borrowing.   

My cosmic kitchen is run by a Gordon Ramsey type chef.   The orders he receives are cooked in magical form.  

My friend and I are single and will text each other when our hormones kick in high gear reminding us that nature wants us to find a mate.  We have an open forum any emotion is welcome when we have the notion a boyfriend is needed.   

This is friend and I were recently communicating via text that “siiiigh i wish i had a boyfriend.”    I conveyed to her that I believe that the universe will send someone when the time is right and I should practice patience.   This is where we thought about our cosmic kitchen.  

I’ve sent my order in to my Gordon Ramsey type chef detailing the ins and outs of what makes me, me!  He believes that his creation needs times and to be carefully crafted.   In essence I’ve been told to enjoy myself at the kitchen table, taste a few complementary hot from the oven honey buns, and be happy where I am at.  
What does your cosmic kitchen look like?

Solemn Vow

I can’t let you hurt me anymore.    You are in my head.  You are in my dreams.  My lost thoughts are of you.   But it all leaves me empty.   I have to remind myself that you make me empty.    I have somehow lost that part of me that has the power to flick you off with the twitch of my finger.  

I can spot you a mile away.  My breath disappears.   My heart thumps in my ears.  Those golden butterflies flutter in my belly.   I see nothing else and I hear nothing else.    Those are my vulnerable parts I have for you.   They are the sacred things I never share.  

You invest nothing of yourself in me.   I invest the stars in you.   

I stand here blindly.  It will take the strengh of a 1000 men to lift my lashes and open my eyes.   To no longer be blind.  To no longer be empty.   

If you see me, shoot me the finger!

Its the kind of day where no matter how many mantras you chant about how you are going to have a bitchin good day, it just doesn’t work.  It is the kind of day where I do take the time to break from the monotonous cycle to remember there are bright moments in a shitty day. It feels like I am in a tug of war between a happy sunny mood and shitty ass mood and I am the rope.  

But I will say this when I did my latest cleanse (no not bodily) I get a sense that I have made a huge step forward to finding the next chapter. No more strings holding me down, no more obligations to please, no stopping me now.  

The Return

I was off for a few days from work because I was not feeling well.   After day four of being away from my job I felt well enough to return to work.   As soon as that thought came into my head that I was going to return to work, I battled anxiety.   WTF.  Why am I so anxious? I had a hard time falling asleep and when I did fall asleep I would wake up from time to time.  Of course without fail, I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm clock rang.  My mind raced with thoughts, “Should I just get up out of bed or push the snooze button seven times??” Back and forth I debated that issue with myself and in the end pushed the snooze button once and unwillingly crawled out of bed.  The anxiety did not stop when I woke up either.   When I arrived at worked I got out of my car, unlocked the building doors, walked down the darkened hallway to my desk, fell into my chair, took a deep breath and let all my fears go.  

What is it about that first day back? After being away for a short period of time or a long period of time; why is there that sense of anxiousness?  Am I confusing anxiousness with excitement?  Maybe I am excited to return to work, to be back in the relm with my co-workers?   Where does this all come from?  Where did I learn this?   I guess those questions are relatively unimportant other than I have to learn how to change how I feel about going back to places I have been abscent from after a length of time.  Maybe it is just me feeling this.   

Oak Tree

Many of us do not like change.  We tend to like to avoid it at all cost.  A distruption in our lives causes some anxiety and fear. 

But then there are times we feel we are stuck in this huge mud rut.   We want out and want change.  We desire our enviroments to be stress free.   I believe some of us, lack the abilities and tools to deal with being stuck in a rut.  We expect change to be instant and not have to wait and deal with this gross feeling of tension.  

I believed I would experience change that would occur quickly and bring me the satisfaction I’ve long desired.   I learned today that I have to wait and wade around in the mud a bit longer before I might expect change in my life.  I have gone through so many mixed emotions in such a short period of time.    I do not want to be content with where I am at and yet I have to discover a way to endure and be appreciative of the muck I am in.